Commodore User

Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #9


A lengthy load time is repaid by a superb example of the City Defence genre. As soon as you're ready to go, take a last look at the pristine, multi-hued space city you're about to defend. Umpteen different saucers and UFOs (I lost count) will make kamikaze runs at the metropolis in your charge. Each variety employs different tactics, and they may well try to ram you. There are 24 waves in total and only megaplayers will see them all - unless you cheat and preselect them. Your craft, once moved, is continuously in motion vertically or horizontally and it's quite an art to make an interception while avoiding collision with the aliens - not to mention the screen boundaries.

Fortunately, your laser is of the rapid-fire variety: you certainly need it! Success generates glorious explosions to the accompaniment of it's-all-happening sonics. Some of the varmints will slip past your defensive efforts and smash chunks from your real estate; the game finishes, of course, when the city is no more or your fleet succumbs.

Really good graphics, superb animation - sprites coming into their own, and all very colourful. The action is utterly continuous, indeed the only respite is between attack waves, with a fair degree of skill needed.

Could this program be the reason you bought your C64? Certainly one of the best space games I've seen.