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Published in Personal Computer News #061

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H-P Afoot
Apples Drop In Spring Shakedown
WHSmith Makes Advance Into Business Micro Arena
Epson RX80 Competition - The Winners
Micro Business Books
Acorn Buys Torch
Moving Towards MSDOS
Kuma In Quick
QL On The Move - But Slowly
Securing The Future Of Videotex - View From America
Cub Report
Lomac Launch
Oric Adds Stock
Thorn Trio On Horizon
Key Question
Memory Extra
Week In View
Cobol's Future
The People's Computer Misses UK
The Late IBM Show
Modems Should Keep At A Distance
Disk Drive Dilemma
Missed Points On Microdrive
How To Tackle Mail Order Companies
PCN Rearranges The Map Of Europe
When A 48K Spectrum Is Not 48K
A Job For The SID Chip
Using Wax Stencils Is Hot Work
Which Is The Best All-rounder?
Noah's Ark Should Have Had One Of These
Customise Your Spectrum
When Sprites Collide On The C64
Spectrum Image Restorer
Oric's Complete Recovery
Still More Oric Calls
Oric Machine Code Timekeeper
Multicolour Manipulation
Artificial Intelligence - A Japanese Obsession
Assembler Part 2
Graph 3D
Oric Renumber
Machine Code Utilities
Solidisk Sideways RAM System
Colossus Chess 2.0
Software Preview
Quest Adventure
Last Sunset For Lattica
An Atari Assortment
Commodore Collection
Very Basic Basic
Children And Computers In The Classroom
Mastering The Commodore 64
The IBM Made Easy
Animation, Games & Sound For The IBM PC
Computer Graphics For The IBM Personal Computer
Best Business Software For The IBM PC
Games, Graphics And Sound For The IBM PC
IBM Personal Computer
Charts (May 3 1984)
East London Amateur Computer Club
Syntax Errors