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Megatraveller 2: Quest For The Ancients
By Paragon

Published in Ace #055: April 1992

Megatraveller 2: Quest For The Ancients

This latest UK release from American software team Paragon is none too surprisingly a sequel to Mega Traveller 1: The Zhodani Conspiracy. As before, the player leads a team of five space adventurers through toil and trouble to (hopefully) riches and fame. This time around, the player's task is to find a way to halt the flow of toxic slime emanating from a mysterious set of ruins left by a dead race called the Ancients. But are they dead? That is up to the player to find out...

Sporting high-quality 256-colour VGA, this is certainly a treat on the eye, and the ears as well with a suitable sound card. The game itself is an RPG in the Ultima style, but not half as rigorous - which for many will be more than a blessing. The story is fun and involving, with plenty of sub-tasks to perform that provide welcome and often amusing relief from the main plot.

If one has a minor niggle, it's that the space combat - which you'd think would be the most exciting part of the game - is flat and dull, with little sense of player involvement. In summary, highly recommended.