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Medieval Warriors
By Linel
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #10

Medieval Warriors

I've long since given up protesting about my ruthless treatment at the hands of the Amiga Power reviewer selection process, realising that my lamentations were falling on deaf ears. But in this case I reckon the last laugh's on them, because, what on the surface appears to be another horrible boring wargame actually turns out quite straightforward and enjoyable. Fun, even.

Perhaps almost to the point of being to the Amiga what Rebelstar was to the Spectrum.

Well, maybe that's going a bit far, but Medieval Warriors certainly shows what can be done with twelve warriors per side, a choice of four battlefields, some slick animated graphics, tremendous sound effects and the skimpiest of control mechanisms. While there's no getting away from movement phases and lists of numbers, they're all painlessly implemented and don't distract from the action, which moves along marvellously swiftly. It's all very 'involving' too. As you're dealing with individual blocks, rather than anonymous battalions and regiments, you tend to feel personally responsible for them - the thought of having to write letters to their mums back home makes you think twice before compromising their safety.

Medieval Warriors

There are a few annoying omissions, though. A pause key, for a start, and some way of ending your turn when you've finished moving and attacking. (As it stands, you have to wait for your timer to run out.) And you can't hide behind things to sneak up on people. And, in the long run, the game's simplicity is likely to be its downfall. Once you've played the four scenarios to pieces that's it - there's no editor or promise of expansion disks (i.e. it might be happier as a budget game).

But until then you're likely to be hooked, not giving up until you've trashed the computer hollow and showed your chums a thing or two about strategy.

The Bottom Line

A light and breezy - I hesitate to use the word - 'wargame', with ne'er a mention of Napoleon, historical accuracy or any of that sort of thing.

Jonathan Davies

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