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Mean Machine
By Codemasters
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #8

Mean Machine

Connoisseurs of The Codies budgie efforts will no doubt be completely familiar with Pro Powerboat Sim, an overhead view water-based racing game which enjoyed considerable success last year. Mean Machine is almost the exact same game, except we're dealing with land-based automobiles instead of speedboats.

It's an old-fashioned and not displeasing two-view Formula II racer with all the usual obstacles, mad opponents and ramps to negotiate, plus a useful rocket launcher at the front of the car, and a nasty oil slick dispenser at the back.

Mean Machine is neither as sexy, nor as challenging as Powerboat, though, and one has to presume that this is aimed at a distinctly younger audience. It's certainly an addictive little number, if somewhat limiting, and it positively shines with that youthful brightness which has become Codemasters' calling card. For all its good points though, Mean Machines is an inescapably tiny game. There are only four courses to complete, which even the most hamfisted games player will manage within a matter of three hours. If this game had been stretched, or peppered with variety, it might have been a budget classic. As it is, Mean Machines is a short-lived thrill.

The Bottom Line

Lots of fun at first, but far too limited to be of lasting value. Might appeal to those under ten years of age, though.

Colin Campbell

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