Amstrad Computer User

Manic Miner

Publisher: Software Projects
Machine: Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Computer User #3

Manic Miner

The 'pick' of the platform games for the Spectrum is not available in the Amsoft range. This is an adaptation of the all time classic that set the trend for so many others.

You've probably heard it all before and the task which our hero Miner Willy is faced with, is none the less just as formidable. It gets easier with time and practice though, I promise...

There are 20 chambers in all for Miner Willy to explore and a never ending number of magic keys to collect. If you manage to collect five keys without confronting any of the resident 'nasties' then you are doing very well!

Manic Miner

Whilst fighting your way through the monsters, don't be surprised if you are suddenly taken unawares and whisked off to an unexpected destination since there are many invisible staircases, escalators and even conveyors!

This game is certainly full of surprises and just when you think that you are progressing quite well, an escalator whisks you ohm the direction of an untimely death. Just about every peril short of being stoned to death by pickets.

You have three lives in all, which hardly seems enough when you consider all the hazards involved in just playing within one chamber. However, the challenge to beat the awaiting horrors more than makes up for this.

Definitely, a game to look out for in the shops and it will keep you amused (and frustrated) for hours.