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Manchester United
By GBH Gold
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #15

Manchester United

Anyone not sick of football yet? Well, for the four of you, here's a budget re-release of the predecessor to our favourite (pre-Sensible Soccer, that is) Amiga footy game, Manchester United Europe.

Manchester United is a game in much the same style, mostly arcade-orientated sideways-on action, with a little bit of management simulation thrown in just to make it interesting. Be the team, be the manager, be both at the same time, or switch around and join in at will - this is a game where you only have to play the bits you like. So far so good, but are there actually any bits you will like?

The conclusive answer to that is "Well, sort of, ish". An an arcade football game Manchester United is a bit of a disaster - no flow at all, incomprehensible kicking system, brilliant goalies that give you a better-than-even chance of getting no-score draw even if you don't touch the joystick - bit it's a reasonably tolerable, far from comprehensive, management game. Having to pick your entire team individually before every game is a pain in the backside, as is the pointlessly confusing icon system - I've never understood what was wrong with words myself - but this way the game is at least a bit entertaining, as long as you don't mind only seeing a goal once in every three games.

Not really 10 quid's worth of entertaining, mind you, but you pays your money and you takes your choice, I guess.

The Bottom Line

Pretty hopeless football game, better as a management sim but still not much cop. Five bonus marks for having Jim Leighton in it, though.

Stuart Campbell

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