Commodore User

Mad Doctor
By Creative Sparks
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #24

Mad Doctor

Mary Shelley's probably turning in her grave. Mad Doctor is the computer version of that most famous grizzly horror story, Frankenstein. Only the names are different.

You are Doctor Franz Johan Blockenspiel, better known to the locals as the Mad Doctor. Justifiably so, in fact, because your ambition is to create a living being from the remains of dead ones and you don't care how you go about it.

You start out at home in the castle. The first thing you require is a body from which to collect bits for your creature. Altogether you need a head, brain, arms, legs, body and, of course, a bolt. To find these you must wander around the village looking for suitable corpses from which to collect spare parts.

Mad Doctor

Good places to look are the graveyard and the village centre, where you will find a corpse swinging from the gallows.

If you can't find a useful looking corpse, you can always try murdering one of the villagers.

Having built your creature you must carry it to Lightning Hill and fly your previously acquired metal kite, the lightning strikes and hey presto, one animated corpse.

If you've done your work well, and the thing doesn't go looney and kill you then you must present him to villagers in the hall. They will either hail you as a genius or hang you if they don't like what you've been up to.

Mad Doctor is the most enjoyable game I've played in a long while. The graphics aren't what you'd call superb, but the idea is brilliant, if requiring a somewhat gruesome sense of humour - pass me the mallet.