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Wiring That Rombox

Published in EUG #25

Just a snippet for the next issue. I see some comments about the Slogger 8-bit Rombox, which could be put between the Elk and the Acorn Plus 1, that did not have any rear fastening for the Plus 1. This caused the Plus 1 to be a little rickety to say the least, unless some means of support was achieved.

Having tried various methods, I finished up using two long, thin, self locking cable ties; one on either side. When pulled tight around the whole caboodle, a fairly rigid setup was realised, which eliminated plug and socket problems. The only trouble was that, when the system needed its annual spring clean or when a dismantling job was needed for whatever reason, the ties had to be sacrificed with wire cutters. I notice releaseable ones are obtainable these days which could do away with this waste.

Del Williams, EUG #25

Del Williams