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Help Required

Published in EUG #25

I have a disk of programs, copied over from the original Me And My Micro tape by Acornsoft. All are simple games designed to help beginners explore and understand BASIC programming. I no longer have all the documentation that went with the original package but there is a game called PAIRS, a simple matching game for youngsters. My four year old son David very much enjoys playing it. However, he has a little trouble with the numbers. Thus:

1 2 3
4 5 6

The numbered squares appear on screen as above. As I often run this program through the BBC Emulator on my A3010, I would like to display the numbers as below, to match my A3010 number keypad.

4 5 6
1 2 3

Can anyone who has this game and understands its code, tell me what lines to alter or add and exactly what to type? Or if I sent a copy, could someone do it for me? At the moment, due to various problems, I only have ADFS or tape.

Another problem. I use Stop Press 64 quite a bit and consequently have a reasonable collection of AMX clipart on 3.5" ADFS disks. I would like, if possible, to convert these to "Draw" or "Paint" files, so that I can use them with Acorn Advance WP on the A3010. Any Archimedes experts out there?

John Crane, EUG #25

John Crane