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Lone Wolf
By Audiogenic
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #81

Enter into the strange world of Sommerland and prepare for an epic struggle against evil.

Lone Wolf

The story so far: you Lone Wolf, are the last survivor of the great Kai Masters, destroyed by the Darklords of Helgedad.

Pledging to restore the former glory of your race, you must retrace the steps of the first of your kind, Sun Eagle, to locate the seven Lorestones, the foundations of Kai power.

In this, the first adventure in the quest for the Lorestones, your path takes you to the evil tower of Kazan-Gor. Here, trapped behind a forceshield constructed by the Elder Magi, the wicked sorcerer Gorazh broods on his imprisonment, vowing that no one shall enter to reclaim the Lorestone, leaving Sommerland to the hands of the Darklords.

Lone Wolf - The Mirror Of Death

Guarding the tower is Dhazag-Oud, a fearsome mirror containing an evil spirit which, upon breaking, will shatter into seven demon shards to block your progress to the Lorestone.

Got all that? Ok, so you've broken the mirror, and now you're on your own on a perilous quest through the evil tower. Many hazards await you, quite apart from the demons, guarding the end of each stage.

Before you start the adventure, you are entitled to pick four special powers to help you on your way.

Whether you pick invisibility, sixth sense, animal affinity, or whichever of the eight choices, choose wisely, or your journey into the unknown could become even more perilous.

For instance, sixth sense will enable you unerringly to find your way through each level, depending on whether or not you survive it, that is, whilst the Mindshield can protect you from any Psi forces the demons may have at their command.

One thing to remember, each of these demons represents the darker side of yourself so, if you have a power, they are very likely to have it too. Be warned.

Lone Wolf is a splendidly thought out arcade adventure, with traps and foes aplenty, just waiting to do you in, in many nasty ways.

Your strength is represented by the four wolves' heads. Watch them carefully as your strength diminishes.

Pay particular attention to the Krows. Kill them if you can, or you'll find them sapping your energy very quickly indeed.

The joystick controls are easily mastered, making Lone Wolf an absolute joy to play. The corridors and dungeons of the tower may well be a little dull, but this does not detract from the excellent gameplay, which will keep you hooked at all times.

The sound effects are pretty neat and there are certainly enough choices of direction for you to take, to make the choice of sixth sense very high up on your power list.

The decision is yours, but remember, Sommerland depends on you to come through. Dare you take up the challenge? I should, it's not half bad.

John Taylor

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