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Live And Let Die
By Encore
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Computer User #70

Live And Let Die

Watch out, Dr. Kananga's about. Are you brave enough to face the waterways of the world to blow up the evil doctor's drug factory? Well, in this excellent budget offering of Domark's original game, it's well worth getting blasted out of the water trying!

On the target practice range, you need to destroy red targets with your forward mounted machine guns, but this is nothing compared to the real missions, which will see you dodging mines, missiles from overhead helicopters, submarines, going through tunnels, leaping and firing back with your own snuff missiles.

On your way, you'll need to replenish your fuel and supplies using handy drop-offs from CIA helicopters, but if you want to get through to the factory itself, you'll need to be fast.

Live And Let Die is an excellent budget offering with neat sound effects. It is also visually excellent, and as you jump over that final log and see the factory go up in a puff of smoke, you'll have every right to feel proud.

Chris Knight

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