Sega Master Force

Land Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Publisher: Sega
Machine: Sega Master System (EU Version)

Published in Sega Master Force #2

Another brilliant Disney game, this time starring the world's most famous mouse, Mickey.

Land Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

He's also a sleepy character: while reading his favourite book, he falls asleep and finds himself in a whole new world. In contrast to the fairy tales he'd been reading, this land is dark and unsettling.

When Mickey sees a local girl attacked by a monster, he leaps to the rescue. The girl tells him a magical crystal once kept the land safe and beautiful, but since a phantom stole it, her village had gone to wrack and ruin.

Squeaky-clean (and squeaky-voiced) Mickey volunteers to explore 14 fantasy-filled levels, finding keys and gems to open doors to following sections.

Land Of Illusion, Starring Mickey Mouse

Mickey's armed with deadly weapons - his butt cheeks! But when he's not bum-bouncing enemies, he's crushing them under rocks. Other items are found and magic objects are awarded by various characters.

This is one of the best Master System games of any description. The graphics are colourful, clear and packed with detail. The sound is cute: delightful ditties change from place to place and effects are good.

The levels are as stunning and imaginative as the graphics. Although some are easily conquered, the water level's tackled twice and others require objects such as the cloud-walking boots and superb shrinking potion - the miniaturised Mickey is an amusingly compact and bijou sprite. You won't finish it in a hurry but unlimited continues cut down the difficulty level.

We're not taking the Mickey. Land Of Illusion is great. Stunning visuals, snazzy sound, high playability and nice presentation... all the ingredients for a thoroughly entertaining game!