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Krystals Of Zong
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #10

Krystals Of Zong

Add a fair sprinkling of Adventure game seasoning to a Munchman scenario, and the result is Krystals Of Zong. There is a matrix of nine rooms, interconnected in a logical manner, with a treasure chest in the centre of each. The rooms are colour-coded and only the appropriate hued key will gain you access to the riches.

To collect the keys, one to a room, you have to negotiate a maze avoiding snakes, bats, spiders and fireball-hurling mummies, according to the level of play. Swords are also randomly deposited in the chambers, allowing you to turn the tables on your pursuers; so are torches on which you must acquire from time to time to keep your pursuers visible. Apart from bonus points, some of the treasures endow you with special powers - like run-faster boots and an invisibility potion.

The action is of arcade standard. There is much hectic dashing from one room to the next, pursuers to avoid, objects to acquire, a stairway to find in order to reach the next level... Good use of colour and melodies to signify the state of play add to the attraction of an unusual game. Full status readouts are given at all times.