Commodore User

Kokotoni Wilf
By Elite
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #16

Kokotoni Wilf

Highly individualistic, offbeat - weird, even... according to your viewpoint. Working your way through time zones is a sure-fire interest grabber as is the challenge of mastering the idiosyncrasies of feather-powered flight. But performing just one task repeatedly could make this game a bore.

You have to flutter around a four-way scrolling obstacle course, avoiding the touch of just about everything, animate or otherwise, whilst endeavouring to snatch a complete set of talismans, this being the key to the next epoch. There is something strange about fluttering around the statuesque dinosaurs (only the small species move) but this can be accepted as "video-game logic". Quite apart from the wild world on the surface there are twisting caverns aplenty; most of the tight squeezes seem virtually impassable to any but previous flyers.

If you are dedicated enough then there is plenty of scope to stretch your wings.