Dragon User

Klik Utility
By Harris Micro
Dragon 32

Published in Dragon User #062

Done In A Klik

Nigel Mason asked if someone could do a review of Klik for Basic42 by Harris Micro Software. Here is my rendition:

First there was Basic42, a hi-res screen driver, giving a 42 by 24 hires text screen, plus the ability to return to the Basic 32 by 16 text screen at will. On booting the disc, the system switches the D64 into 64K mode, copies the DOS and Basic from mapu to mapi, loads the Basic42 into the spare 75K slot in the cartridge area (occupying only 4K, the remaining 3.5K being reserved for Basic42 utilities), leaving the full 23315K Basic area free for use.

The utilities available are Spool and Typist, which turn your Dragon into a typewriter and give it a printer buffer of 35K. allowing you to type and print at the same time. This was followed by DOS Utility, a permanent menu and window allowing use of DOS commands using the cursor keys to scroll up and down the menu. Then came icons, which is a bit complicated, so that I haven't got right into it yet, and now there is Klik.

Klik is a multitasking simulator. Briefly, Klik contains ail the above utilities, but more up to date and enhanced, and allows full disc control via keyboard or joystick (preferred), using the keyboard only for inputs. Full use is made of pull-down menus (there are nine of them). Each menu allows drive definition, window size and position, file type and direct commands (either Basic, DOS, or Basic42). There are three menus with at least sixteen commands in each - without counting about 160-plus are available, all at the touch of a joystick.

Menus available are main, edit, DOS, jotter, desktop, access, spool, camera and memo.

Edit allows full editing facilities and program run.

DOS is a disc management menu. A full disc requiring PROTECT ON can be done one file at a time in less than five minutes, without touching the keyboard.

Desktop can be used to call up the next four accessories, or they can be called up on their own.

Memo is a set of note pads written by you and stored on disc for recall,

Spool saves a printed output to disc file for printing at a later time.

Camera saves a hires screen to disc file. I haven't tried this one yet.

Jotter is a one Nne word processor for jotting or writing articles to Dragon User. This was written using Jotter.

One other which is on the disc is KSasfC; this allows you to write your own menus and windows for inclusion in your own programs.

As an example: power up; insert Klik disc; type BOOT; use cursor keys to select MOUSE; enter, enter; now you are in the joystick mode.

From now on there is a non-destructive cursor under joystick control (use fire button for enter), Now select RUN or LOAD (run is better) , press fire. You will now see a new type of DIR; lace cursor over the required ICON (or move to CONT at the bottom for further DIR), press fire. Your selected program/utility is loaded and run.

The above is a very brief description of Klik, which must be used to be appreciated. My own opinion is that it was not produced early enough to keep Dragon interest going.

Full marks to Mr. Harris for the time and effort that has gone into all this. All I need now is a spreadsheet and full blown word processor on the same lines, hint! For all those who have not as yet purchased any of the above, do so. You need a '64 and disc drivete.

One hint: Basic42 on its own can be used as a screen driver for your Basic program, just alter your print and locations to suit the 42 column screen. It does look a lot neater.

Mr. Harris can be found at Harris Micro Software, 49 Alexandra Road, Middlesex TW3 4HP. Tel: (01)570 8335. He is very helpful.

F. J. Fisher