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Jumping Jack
By Livewire
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #11

Jumping Jack

When a software house produces yet another version of an old arcade classic, I'm ready to yawn and award it a thumbs-down. Jumping Jack, however, is something different. By adding a sense of 3D perspective to the old favourite Frogger Livewire has managed to improve on the original to the same extent as Zaxxon improved on Scramble.

Frogger we probably all know: the player has the task of guiding a frog across a busy highway, followed by a swift-flowing river, avoiding perils such as cars and crocodiles. Jumping Jack has all the usual extras to be found in Frogger games - snakes, diving turtles, lady frog, otters and dragonfly. There is also a two-player option. And as well as the good graphics, the authors have added some touches of class: there are nine levels of play to choose from, and the player may define his/her own choice of keys to play with - an option sadly lacking from many games on the market. Naturally, there is also a joystick option.

This game will be a treat for all fans of Frogger, and should also convert more people ot being Frogger-fanatics. Jumping Jack is destined to become a bestseller, and the definitive version of Frogger for the C64.