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Judge Dredd
By Virgin Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #70

Judge Dredd

Bad buys beware! The Judge is here!

Cab you feel it out there in the air? Sitting astride your mighty bike, The Lawmaker, can't you just feel that subtle shaking feeling? No, it's not the meaty throb of the motorcycle engine, it's the knees of all those bad guys out there knocking together in the knowledge that the Judge is here to wipe them off the streets.

Prepare to have your legs knocked out from underneath you as well with the excitement of six action-packed levels taken from storylines in the Judge Dredd books and comics.

As you materialise on screen, you'll find yourself standing next to a Justice Central computer tenninal. From here, you can get all the information you need about your weapons, the Lawgiver and Lawmaker. You can also read mail and, as an excellent extra, you can even play a quick spot of space invaders: just one of the leisure pursuits laid on for off-duty judges.

Duty calls, however, and it's your turn to go out onto the streets of Megacity 1 to beat crime.To the side of the main display, a meter reading will keep you in touch with the level of crime; keep it down or you'll lose your crime fighting badge.

To arrest "perps", get out the lawgiver and show them who's boss and, once collared, they'll shoot off the screen allowing you to get back to the serious business. Shoot innocent "civs" and you can also get the crime rate to rise dramatically.

Getting back to the action, your first task as the Judge is to rid the city of the evil League of Fatties-heavy duty stuff. Wandering around the ramps and slopes of the city, the Judge is viewed side-on with 8-direction scrolling, allowing plenty of freedom in movement, which you'll need as the Fatties launch their attack.

Scattered around the level are four food dispensers which need to be destroyed to stop the Fatties on their rampage for food. As you attempt to dish out law and order, the Fatties will attack in no uncertain terms:a running Fatty could see you pushed over the edge of the building: a jumping fatty will do just that in an attempt to flatten your enthusiasm, and the throwing Fatties must be really desperate, as they resort to chucking their own food at you.

Just to help you out a little, the Civs in MCI are as fed up with the Fatties as you are, so a little push and shove could see the crime level dropping without your assistance.

The end of each level will see you taking part in a special sequence connected with the previous events. For example, at the end of level one, you'll need to walk across the top of a large food convoy under attack from Fatties. Reach the front of the convoy before it reaches the Fatty hideout and you're through to the next round. lf not, on yer 'bike.

Don't forget to use the Lawmaker if you want to get around the screen a little quicker. With your built-in radio, your trusty steed is never too far away.

Dodgy dealings in the laboratory of Professor Fribb set out the storyline for level two. A deadly enzyme to reverse the process of evolution has leaked out into the ventilation system of Charles Darwin block.

Judge Dredd, your duty is to get in there and close the ventilation outlets and tight your way past the regressive human forms to the lab. On your way, you'll meet rubblethro wing monkeys, neck-biting lizards and, as you take on the end of level action in Fribb's laboratory, a host of amoebas that multiply on being shot. Arrest Fribb to complete this tough test of character.

Sov Agent Orlok is public enemy number one in levels three and four. What's his game? Blockmania, that's what. What's that? Well, it's when dwellers in rival blocks take a sudden dislike for each other and civil war breaks out.

First of all, Orlok attempts to contaminate the water supplies with Blockmania solution at the Aqua Station. Destroy all of the water inlets to the main supplies, then chase Orlok off on the Lawmaker but, beware the Satallats which hover around, waiting to shoot at you and drain your strength. After foiling Orlok's first attempt at sabotage, it's on to the Weather station where he's trying again.

Keep a sharp eye out for maintenance robots on your quest to blow up the weather control devices. Once you've managed this, give chase on a hover bike as Orlok tries to escape in his shuttle.

Despite your mammoth efforts though, Blockmania has broken out in MegaCity 1, and you'll need to take out the gun emplacements and restore order before going on to your toughest challenge.

Death, Fear, Mortis and Fire have somehow slipped into your dimension. What do you have to do? Boot them back where they came from using Dimension bombs. Don't get too close, or you'll feel your energy flooding out of you, just get the bombs then face each of these monstrosities one by one. Drop your bomb and clear the area for best results.

Judge Dredd looks set to be a blockbuster of the highest order, with first class graphics to date and wonderfully smooth scrolling. Each end-of-level sequence will have a different perspective, adding even more to the excitement and, if you're an avid Dredd fan, you'll know all of the evil characters that you have to deal with.

Starting off with standard bullets, armour piercing and heat seeking missiles as well as lasers, you will also be able to pick up more goodies left behind by the perps, giving you more than enough firepower to get out and earn your wage packet.

John Taylor

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