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Jocky Wilson's Compendium Of Darts
By Zeppelin Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #80

Jocky Wilson's Compendium Of Darts

Step up to the 'ockey and be prepared for the ultimate darts experience ever captured on a microcomputer cassette.

With this little beauty, not only do you get a go at the conventional 501 knockout, but you also get a go at some of the more obscure darts games played in pubs and clubs around the country.

How about football on the dart board, for example? This one's all about hitting doubles. First off, though, you've got to hit a bullseye.

After that, it's the first player to score ten doubles. In dart bowls, you or a friend throws the 'jack' at the board. Then all you have to do, is throw your three darts as close to the jack as you can, scoring similarly to bowls for the nearest darts.

Scram sees one player trying to block out sectors on the board, while the other player tries desperately to score as many points as he can from the remaining sectors. Guaranteed to start a few arguments that one.

Ten dart century is exactly what the name implies. Using ten darts each, the aim is to score 100 exactly, the player who gets closest being the winner.

Many of you will probably know Shanghai already, as the computer selects a number to be the target. A triple of that number scores 3 points, a double, 2, and a single, 1 point.

Add all of these games to the traditional 501 and you've got an excellent all-round selection of fun. Setting the difficulty level to suit your expertise, means the games can be as challenging as you like, while the two-player option allows for hours of fun and needle between you and a friend.

For all-round entertainment, Jocky Wilson's Compendium Of Darts is well worth getting hold of. The graphics are neat and, once you've mastered the dart throwing, the options are extremely diverse. You can enter into pub, county or international competitions if you like. Good darts, Zeppelin.