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Amstrad Computer User

By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #7


With a name like Jammin, you could expect this game to have some connection with music and sure enough it does, This is fine if you happen to enjoy the merry tunes which accompany our hero Rankin' Rodney on his misadventures, if not then its a case of bad luck because this game revolves totally around music.

The plot is simple enough - guide Rodney around each screen by means of a series of multi-coloured conveyor belts retrieving the scattered instruments one by one and returning them to the centre of the screen. As each instrument is retrieved the rhythmic pulse is changed but beware bumping into a 'bum note' will add a nasty discord if it gets you.

Sounds easy, but hopping onto a platform of the right colour requires a lot of concentration and since the screen is ablaze with fluorescent colour after a while not only does the head start to spin but the eyes as well!