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James Pond 3
By Kixx
Amiga CD32

Published in Amiga Power #48

James Pond 3

So you like Pond, do you? Then with the best two Pond games going for a tenner each, this is definitely a good month for you. I actually prefer the third (and final?) game because of its size, variety and hidden bits.

James Pond 3 is trying very hard to be an Amiga version of a game from the Super Mario genre. What this means for the player is a game varying in pace, with lots of hard thinking to be done and all sorts of tricks and tactics to learn.

There are some annoying pixel-perfect jumps and some of the game mechanics (actually trying to stand on a solitary block, for instance) are frustrating. But it's quite clearly the most enjoyable and playable of the James Pond games and will definitely keep you going happily for a long time.

The Bottom Line

The third, and best, of the Pond games, borrowing heavily from our console friend, Mario. Admittedly, a couple of niggly aspects spoil the overall fun, but at this reasonable price you're getting definite value for money.

Paul Mellerick

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