Amstrad Computer User

Italy 1990

Author: Dave Peach
Publisher: U. S. Gold
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #70

Italy 1990

Another footy offering, but could it be the best?

The World Cup has finally left us bruised and festering behind yet, as I write this, I don't even know who's going to win it. It's a curious old world.

However, before we hang up our football boots and leave the soccer scene behind for a long, long time, there is just one more offering that is an absolute must if you like getting into the fine detail of things, and that's US Gold's offering.

Italy 1990

All wrapped up in an exceptionally fine package, including an incredibly detailed fact file and trivia quiz, is a fast moving, all action game that puts it head and shoulders above much of the opposition.

With a choice of one or two players, you can play friendlies against the computer or your pals, or you can opt for the real action in the realistic World Cup simulation.

Pick your favourite team for starters, decide which formation you're going to play, go all out for attack or play it cagey, and then peruse the full squad of real name players to get the best eleven for the job.

Italy 1990

What makes this game so good is this attention to detail, would you put Bull up front, or stick with Beardsley? That's for you to decide Mr Manager.

When the picking is done, the friendly newscaster appears to tell you where, and when, your next match is. In the case of England, well, you have to pick them out of sheer loyalty don't you, it's Ireland in the Sant Elia Stadium in Cagliari on June 11. The newscaster will also tell you who the favourites are, but don't pay too much attention to that, nobody else does.

So, finally we come to the games. With all this hype and preparation, you might expect a little disappointment. Not here, though. From the first whistle, the action is fast and furious, perhaps a little too fast in places, but the graphics are clear and as you view the pitch at a slight angle from above, there is some marvellous scrolling to keep the action flowing nicely.

Italy 1990

Expect some fierce challenges from the opposition as you reach the later stages, as well as some excellent ball skills. On the open pitch, you can certainly knock the ball around between your players but, some of the best touches come in the form of goal and foul indicators.

Every time a throw-in or corner is given, a special graphics routine appears to let you know just what is happening, and the goal celebrations are equally cheerful.

With some neat sound effects thrown in, including the ever-present noises that crowds tend to make at football matches, this is a footie game not to be missed, the only drawback being that, seeing as the World Cup is over now, that ain't much point in entering the competition enclosed to see the final in Rome. Unless, of course, they want to hold it over for the next World Cup in America for latecomers.

Dave Peach

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