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Impossible Mission 2
By Epyx
Amiga 500

Published in Commodore User #62

Impossible Mission 2

Evil Elvin Atombender is back. Still miffed after losing out on a computer high score, and then having his plot to destroy the world foiled by Special Agent 4125, he's holed up in an even stronger fortress, with more deadly robots, guards, trap doors and an even more fiendishly designed maze.

The recently released sequel to Impossible Mission, was not as good as its predecessor, and this also goes for the Amiga conversion. Which is a shame, because, despite the Amiga's extra capabilities, the animation, speech and gameplay are actually all much weaker.

You're required to collect and assemble the three digit pass codes to enable agent 4125 to gain access to Elvin's tower. Inside he has to collect several musical sequences. Once he's gathered them all he has to form the correct tune, which then allows him to pass onto Elvin's central tower to find the main control computer and use it to disarm the missile launch codes. No mean feat.

Impossible Mission II

The room design remains almost unchanged, though a few modification have been added: walls block your path and, in addition to the up/down elevators, there are other platforms which move horizontally. Instead of using computer passes to reset the lifts, or disable the robots, now the terminals can be used to switch on electric lights, arm a time bomb (which is then placed by the agent to blow up a safe) or arm mines which explode on contact with anything, including your agent.

Even the robots have been re-styled - they're far more deadly than in the previous game. Minebots run around on the lifts, totally cocking up any lift strategy you might have worked out; Bashpots attempt to push you off the nearest platform or out of a room; and Squatbots can be used as spring boards if you land on them properly.

The final room is a complete nightmare, with every type of robot and trap. But there are security terminals so you can use any passes that have been collected.

If you have ever played Impossible Mission on the C64, it could be that you'll be very disappointed with this, but it's still a good challenge if you discount the reputation it has to live up to.

Mark Patterson

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