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Hyper Circuit
By Alligata
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #19

Hyper Circuit

Alligata pitch into the springtime battle of the shoot-'em-ups with Hyper Circuit.

The action takes place inside a microprocessor board where the micronasties are waging war on all the vital components. You are at the controls of a miniaturised jet-blaster inside the computer.

The nasties come in all shapes and sizes - sparks that travel along the soldered circuits, energy bulges - big ugly seething masses these ones, and the alien planes that have also been miniaturised and are these to stop you.

You can only shoot your electro-blasters along the set routes of the solder circuits, so you have to work out a path of fire that will eliminate a micro nasty before you press the Fire button.

The graphics and blasting are fun but the game lacks depth.