Commodore User

Hungry Horace
By Melbourne House
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #2

Hungry Horace

Hungry Horace is the first of three 'Horace' titles to be translated from the Sinclair Spectrum. It follows a Pacman-type idea (picking flowers rather than eating power pills) while steering clear of the guards. As with the Spectrum version, there are four levels through which Horace progresses. But there's an added feature on the C64 - you can create your own mazes for Horace to negotiate.

It's nice to see that the program was upgraded for the C64; but in general the game offers little that's new. The program soon becomes repetitive because there's only four levels of play. It's still possible to create your own 'super' maze to improve on the ones offered but that's not much compensation for a generally poor game.

This is surprising, because Horace Goes Skiing and Horace And The Spiders are far superior - we'll be reviewing them soon.