Future Publishing

Hudson Hawk
By Ocean
Amiga 500

Published in Ace #055: April 1992

Hudson Hawk

Bruce Willis' film was a disaster, and Ocean hadn't turned out anything of note in the film conversion stakes for quite a while... so nobody was really expecting much from Hudson Hawk. But, instead of the usual cynical and barely-playable licence, what we got was the best platform game so far this year!

Special FX took a bit gamble in its interpretation of the film by chucking 99% of the source material out of the window, and getting on with the business of just building a good game around the film's basic premise - that of a cat burglar stealing valuable artifacts from around the world.

It works superbly, in much the same style as former platform classics like Mario, Rick Dangerous and Switchblade, with small, comical characters playing over tortuously-designed latform levels. It's a class act, without a doubt, with fiendish traps and pitfalls lurking around every corner. The gameplay is easily up to console/arcade standard, and the graphics and sound really do enhance the fun factor because they're so jolly.

Don't be put off by the shoddy licence connotations - Hudson Hawk is a brilliant game in its own right and deserves a place in your collection. Today.