Commodore User

Hover Bovver

Publisher: Llamasoft
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #6

Hover Bovver

This latest masterpiece from the Llamasoft stable brings you not only arcade speed and action, but also graphics, animation and sound which demonstrate the magnificent potential of the C64.

Using the joystick you steer Gordon Bennet and his borrowed air-mo lawnmower to mow your way through the garden, avoiding the neighbour who is trying to retrieve it. You must also avoid the flower beds or the infuriated gardener will start chasing you. Your dog is initially a help and by using the joystick button, you can command him to fend off neighbours or gardeners. This is particularly useful if the mower overheats and you are forced to remain stationary until it cools down. Alas, using this facility soon exhausts the dog's obedience and eventually he gets fed up with the noise and your four-legged friend becomes a hazard by attacking the mower.

Gauges are provided for mower temperature, dog tolerance and dog obedience and 16 different gardens are programmed in, the first eight being pre-selectable.

This game is highly recommended - it will undoubtedly become a classic.