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Horror Zombies
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #16

Horror Zombies

I'm not trying to sound tough or anything, but Horror Zombies (or Horror Zombies From The Crypt to give it its full title) is probably the least frightening game I've ever played. That's a shame, because it does rather put all its eggs in one basket - one with "This is very scary" written on it.

Probably the most terrifying thing is how crap the graphics are. They're not too badly drawn, but they're so flatly and unimaginatively laid out, lilke an old Vic-20 game or something. Forcing oneself to probe a little deeper doesn't help much either. Basically the gameplay boils down to exploring rooms, collecting keys and shooting baddies. Occasionally there's the odd puzzle-like situation to be tackled, but nothing much else to speak of.

The manual's a lot more entertaining than the game, with its Interesting Horror Movie Facts. Not worth eight quid, though.

The Bottom Line

Parasol Stars is more frightening than this. It's certainly more fun. In fact, I think I'll have a go on it now.

Jonathan Davies

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