Commodore User

High Noon
By Ocean
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #15

High Noon

Latter day Garry Coopers will be in their element, yet others will find that the cassette case gathers dust after the novelty wears off. This is not a run of the mill shoot out; the graphics are 3D, so you may move anywhere on Main Street slinging the lead about.

As you mosey on out of the jailhouse the outlaws amble into town: shots are fired in any of the standard eight direction. The outlaws are set on robbing the bank and abducting women but with your sharp shooting, the undertaker will be the one carting the goods. It is possible to hide in the bank or saloon.

I've only seen two Ocean programs, and both were subject to lapses in the action under certain conditions. Probably this is just coincidence but I certainly should like to see more of their products.

One excellent feature of High Noon is the music - an upbeat 'High Noon'. The game is the work of Andy Spencer of International Soccer fame.