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Hero Quest: Return Of The Witch Lord
By Gremlin
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #7

HeroQuest: Return Of The Witchlord

I couldn't get quite as excited about HeroQuest as Stuart did when he gave it 80% in issue two, as it's pretty crummy as a one-player game, but there's no denying that when you lay into it with a couple of chums it's all very addictive indeed. In fact, as Stuart pointed out, you don't think you've been playing it long but suddenly the lawn's eighteen feet high, your kids have grown up and left home and the Conservatives are still in charge of the country. (Urm... oops!)

Anyway, an expansion disk then, eh? While the original game had plenty of quests, which all stodd up to repeated playing, they were pretty easy when it came down to it. At the end of it all, you were left with a collection of heavily armed characters with some serious spending power and nowhere for them to play. Which is just the problem this expansion pack sets out to tackle - it's more of the same, but harder, and Gremlin suggest you don't try tackling it unless you've got some pretty mean characters saved from the first time round.

The quests aren't much of a departure from the first lot. They're just different room layouts with different objectives at the end. Don't expect any changes to the graphics or range of baddies, although I don't remember being stalked before by Death (who's invisible, and knocks off body points when he passes through you).

It's always tricky giving marks to expansion packs. This one isn't as radical as, say, the Falcon mission disks, but it's sensibly priced and is certain to prolong the life of the original game. So I'd better give it 80% as well really.

The Bottom Line

More of the same for HeroQuest fans. (Remember that you'll need the original game before you can play this.)

Jonathan Davies

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