By Alligata
Acorn Electron

Published in Elbug #6


In my view, Guardian is the ultimate game for the Electron. This game is a version of the arcade game called Defender, and it does run very well. Although speed limits the game to a four colour mode, the game is still fast and very smooth, with some of the best sound effects you are likely to find on an Electron.

At one time, it was thought that a version of Defender for the Electron would be impossible because of the sheer speed necessary, the sideways scrolling and movement involved. Alligata Software have not only proved this view wrong, but provided the fastest game I have so far seen for the Electron.

The idea of the game is to navigate your spacecraft over the surface of a planet, and to shoot the marauding aliens before they abduct the humanoids. If the aliens reach the top of the screen with a humanoid, they mutate and hunt you down with unbelievable ferocity. Additional features include other undesirables such as baiters, pods and swarmers. An extra ship is awarded at every 10,000 points.

Like all good games, this one requires a degree of practice before you appreciate how exceptional it is. A high score of 658,000 for Guardian was achieved by the author, Steve Evans, at the recent Micro User Show. However, if you don't quite measure up to this level, still send your high scores into us for inclusion in our pointless high score table for the Electron.

Alan Webster

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