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Commodore User

By Quicksilva
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #19


The shoot-'em-up seems to be back in fashion this month.

Tony Crowther's offering fits this description exactly. You are the Gryphon - a mythical giant flying bird. Spook-like creatures are after Gryphon's stack of gold bars. Armed with bolts of magic, you must shoot them down in a fast and furious spot of zapping.

To protect the gold, Gryphon must transport it from the left of the screen to the right - picking up each bar, one by one, in his beak. On the second trip the spooks have turned into equally deadly spinning black balls.

The trademarks of Tony Crowther are all here - colourful graphics fill the screen with colour, all movement is smooth and convincing, and the game has great speed.

Despite all this, Gryphon does not quite come off. All the ingredients are here but they don't blend to make an enjoyable, playable game.