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Gremlins 2: The New Batch
By Sunsoft
Game Boy

Published in Mean Machines #9

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

The boys are back in town! The evil gremlins have returned to wreak havoc on an innocent population, and once more it's up to poor Gizmo to save the day!

Set in the Clamp centre, New York, the infestation of mutated nasties have to be eradicated if the city - and the rest of humanity - are to survive. This takes the form of a horizontally-scrolling platform game, with Gizmo making his way through the floors of the tower avoiding - or eradicating - the enemies in his path.

Luckily, there are items to help him on his way, and features like the punch block and jumping spring also aid our fluffy hero. In the fourth level, Gizmo dons a headband and bow to become a miniature Rambo!

Items Ahoy

Grabbing a pencil arms Gizmo with a weapon, and if he leaps into a toolbox he bounces around the screen flattening everything that moves. The cassette radio makes a musical note above Gizmo's head which he hurls at the gremlins and reveals secret items. So once he's suitably tooled up, Gizmo is one hard furball.


I think that the Gameboy has too many platform games like this, but despite that it's a great game. The graphics are a little hazy and the sound is annoying, but the gameplay more than makes up for this.

Recommended to people who can't get enough of those pesky Gremlins!


I love platform games, and this is just what I want! The graphics are very good indeed, with some excellent stills (some of the later screens are superb), and the gameplay is tough enough to keep you happy for ages. If you're after a really enjoyable platform challenge, grab this quick.