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Greatest Hits Volume 1
By Databyte
Atari 400/800/600XL/800XL/130XE

Published in Atari User #19

Greatest Hits Volume 1

This is probably one of the best collections released. True, there are only three games - Astro Chase, Bristles and Flip And Flop - but there's not a dud among them.

Astro Chase is a good old fashioned space shoot-'em-up, using graphics and sound to great effect. Up aloft and chasing round the planets in a flying saucer you destroy mines that are closing in on mother Earth.

Distracting you from this mission of mercy are a fleet of attack fighters. There are 34 levels to progress through and you can start on any one you like.

Your weaponry fires in eight different directions and you can hoist shields for short periods for added protection. Bonus saucers are gained as you proceed through the game.

Should you lose all your saucers, the mission, terminates with the spectacular explosion of Earth. The smooth scrolling action, multi-levels, music and other sound effects all add up to a classic game.

Flip And Flop is a sort of Q-Bert with a difference. The idea is to guide a kangaroo and a monkey over a series of tiles suspended in mid-air.

Many tiles are marked in a special way and all of these must be touched - they then change colour - before the clock runs out.

When the kangaroo is on, it hops above the tiles. When it's the monkey's turn, it swings underneath the tiles - and that is really disorientating.

Apart from falling off, other hazards include sticky tiles and a pursuing zoo keeper. There are 36 levels.

Finally, Bristles is a game for up to four players in which you endeavour to paint all the rooms in eight buildings. Six skill levels are available.

A time limit, elevators, ladders, brushes, rollers, flying buckets, dumb buckets, safe rooms, Brenda the Brat, the Bucket Chucker and steam pipes are just some of the elements in this fast moving game.

Overall, an excellent compendium in which each game offers a wealth of entertainment. Every player should have this in his or her collection.

Bob Chappell