Amstrad Computer User

Great Gurianos
By Encore
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #80

Great Gurianos

Join in the epic adventure as the great Gurianos undertakes his most intrepid mission to date, taking on some of the mightiest warriors of the known, and unknown, world.

Using some excellent graphics against some supersmooth scrolling backdrops, your simple task is to get out there with your sword unslung and take on the world.

As you get engrossed in the swashbuckling swordplay, keep your eyes peeled for flying bonusses at all times. Hit four of the flying swords and you'll get a super sword which, when pressing sword up, middle and down together, will give you total invincibility against one of the ferocious warriors.

Great Gurianos

Watch out for the flying ball as well, this will replenish your titanium armour, while the flying shield will strengthen your carbon-chromo shield against attack.

As you progress, and the opponents get increasingly tougher to take out, remember your ultimate weapon, the protector shield. By pressing sword up, middle and down together, the protector shield will take care of any flying objects, allowing you to concentrate on the baddie at hand.

However, use these sparingly, as you only get one shield per life and your future existence depends on shrewd use of your wits.

Taking in some extremely diverse settings, Great Gurianos is an adventure on an epic scale, with some neat sound effects taking you right through to the final confrontation. Get that far and you'll know the struggle has all been worth it. If you don't, you're going to want to try again and again until you do. Good luck, now you're on your own.