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Glider Rider
By Quicksilva
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #26

Glider Rider

This one will cheer up Guardian readers everywhere. It transpires that the Abraxas Corporation, arms manufacturers and suppliers to the large of wallet, have set up an artificial island HQ, called EoOs.

Their intention - independence from such problems as governments, moral issues and petty distractions like that.

The World Council take a dim view of this. After all, they want to sell arms to terrorists, so they have an excuse to bomb 'em to bits.

And so a bit of legitimate terrorism is needed. A hero is called for.

When Mr and Mrs White called their son Glen, they were sentencing him to a life of clean cut, square jawed heroics. Glen White. Can't be anything else but a Hero, really.

In short order, he became Commander Glen White of the Silent But Deadly (titter) squadron. The mission, codenamed Paethon, is to infiltrate the island fortress on a motor bike cum hang glider.

Abraxas made one fatal mistake in the design of the plastic atoll - putting the power stations on the outside of the fortifications. So one man and his hand grenades can blast away at these before making his way inland to destroy whatever he can.

But he only has half an hour to do his airborne best before heading out over the shark-infested sea to a waiting sub.

Movement around the island is either across the artificial grass, minding the polythene trees, or along the deserted roads that crisscross the place. All this plastic is to render the whole caboodle invisible to radar by the way. Shame about the nuclear reactors, all that shielding...

There are ten reactors, but Glen has a weight limit of nine grenades. A little mental arithmetic reveals the discrepancy, but Abraxas have thoughtfully left little piles of pilorum around the place to even things up a bit.

So you (yes, you're Glen) have to seek these dumps out to further your objectives. The island defences comprise 10 ground-to-air lasers, which are keen to give you a warm welcome. These are associated with pylons - brush them and the lasers become temporarily inoperative.

Ride up the nearest hillside, ride down again and when you've got your speed up pull the ol' joystick back. And you're airborne.

You can then drop your bombe surprise upon the of nuclear reactor and fly on to the next station. It would all be so easy if gliders handled better. And when it's all over bar the glowing, you have to reconfigure your glider as a microlite aircraft and head on out over those unfriendly seas to the sub.

These action-packed adventures are depicted in beautiful 3D two colour isometricism. Together with two soundtracks (one for driving, one for gliding), and much detailed graphics, the whole lot adds up to more than a match for any hero, even one called Glen.


'Ere, wots this? An original game? Mein Gott!

It certainly seems that way. It's still a guide-a-little-man-around-a-great-big-maze type of bash, but much more than that, too. The music is magnificent, the Mode 1 detail superb, and the gameplay is tricky but accessible. Let's ignore the rather strange sleeve notes, and just play the game. It's great fun.


I find maze games rather a bore and this proved no exception despite the impressive graphics. It's saving grace was the music. Playing against the clock conjured up a bit of excitement, as did the gliding once I'd got the hang of it.

But all in all! think I'll leave this one to the James Bond enthusiasts since the plot resembled an Ian Fleming scenario - I expected a beautiful girl to appear at any moment.


This is a game with very clever graphics and is a pretty good idea all round that has been executed well. The only thing that spoils it for me is that I find it virtually unplayable.

Now, perhaps I'm missing something, but as soon as I take off in an attempt to breach the walls of the central security area, I am immediately shot down before I've even had a chance to drop a grenade to bomb the laser positions.

Thus I have spent many a happy hour driving round the island on the motorbike or soaring about in the glider all to no avail.

Unfortunately the cassette inlay only contains a load of semi-literate drivel and is no help in explaining what to do.