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Give My Regards To Broad Street
By Mind Games
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #19

Give My Regards To Broad Street

McCartney approved the design of this game and gave firm instructions to the programmers that the game should be non-violent and about London.

Give My Regards To Broad Street certainly involves a lot of London, with a beautiful scrolling map of the capital. This is the nearest thing to a computerised A to Z that I have seen - with all the famous streets of central London included in the map - and all the tube stations.

Find ten missing musical notes, take them to Abbey Road Studios, and remix them to make the tune No More Lonely Nights.

Each note is held by a member of the band. From the information you are given about each person, favourite pubs, where they like to shop or have their hair done, you have to track them down. Meetings take place at the tube stations. Keep an eye on the traffic wardens who will clamp the parked Paulmobile.

It took six ex-Imagine programmers three months to write this game - and a superb job they made of it. The 900 screen map of London is a masterpiece. I would put a slight question mark over the lasting interest of Broad Street, but it's a value for money package at £7.95. Good game, shame about the film.