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Travel With Trashman
By New Generation
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #090


Having won your Diploma of Trashmanship in Trashman, New Generation now makes you an offer you can't refuse (sorry) - the chance to be a bin-man all round the world.

You start with 250 in your pocket, which obviously won't get you far with the price of air fares these days, but it will take you to Paris, Munich or Madrid and still leave you some change.

In Paris the problem is frogs hopping about a pavement cafe. You have to move in and out of the tables to collect them, avoiding the waitresses, who say something rude in French should you bump into them. Your cash decreases with time passing, especially if you're inefficient or clumsy. You can increase it by clearing the screen enough to allow you a little hop to another city.

> Like Munich, perhaps, where you wind up in a beer hall and have to clear the tables of empties as the beer-swilling Germans go about the serious business of getting persistently drunk. Different tables raise their arms in unison, and some characters can put away more than others. It's up to you to nip round and collect the empty glasses, trying to avoid the temptation of a quick tipple yourself.

If you're capable of standing and haven't lost the air fare you can maybe then go to Madrid, keeping a bull-ring clean.

The only complaint is the long delay between games. You really want to get on rather than watch messages scroll across the screen. There's a lot of rubbish about, after all.

> You'll have to work hard and efficiently in the cheaper places to earn enough to reach exotic locations like Samoa and Hong Kong. Don't ask me what the trash trouble in Samoa - I have enough trouble with the frogs. A fun game, and a good follow-up.

You shouldn't need to bin this one.

Mike Gerrard

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