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By Strange Loop
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #081


The piman has really done it this time; he's suffering from a bad case of Piromania running around making the life of the residents of Automata Towers sheer hell by setting the place alight. Of course the local fire brigade has arrived on the scene and it is up to you to help our hero 'Walter Hose' put the fire out.

The action takes place on a number of floors in a tower block with fire spreading around the place. It's up to Walter to use any means possible to put out the fire. Ladders connect the different floors of the towerblock and there are numerous buckets and fire extinguishers around that he can pick up.

If Walter uses all of the water in his bucket he can also fill it up at one of the stand pipes, and of course, he mustn't forget to close the fire doors to keep the fire contained.

Apart from fighting with flames Walter has to salvage everything possible from the fire, and rescue the occupants of Automata Towers. For every person and item you save you gain points.

The action is fast and furious, no sooner is one fire put out, another three start.

Grabbing his bucket at the bottom of the screen, Walter must race up and down the ladders throwing his limited supply of water onto the fires.

The occupants rush around the building as if the fire doesn't exist - and it's a job trying to save them.

And what a dancing pink elephant is going on the top floor of a tower block I'm not quite sure!

Piromania is certainly a fun game. With the difficulty increasing each time the building is saved it will take a while to master. Definitely a game for any budding fireperson.

Susan Cooke

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