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Mighty Magus
By Quicksilva
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #108


Imagine a cross between Quo Vadis, Booty and Sorcery and you've got Mighty Magus.

It's a platform game with adventure and mythology. As Magus, your quest takes you down thirty levels to a final encounter with Graugy The Fierce in the Rising Sun Temple. The adventure ends when you return to the start.

Platforms are patterned squares, with the odd brick of a different colour, and beware a change of texture. Standing on some magic squares may throw you over, kill you or teleport you elsewhere in the great domain.

Ladders are staggered white diagonals, but you can jump through them by pressing the 'search' key. This is useful for checking piles of rubbish or chests for useful items such as shields or extra magic. Shields protect you as long as the screen border stays yellow (not long enough). Occasionally you confront a monster, like a giant spider. You can flee, fight or cast a spell (strengths 1 to 9).

Regrettably I haven't yet caught sight of the deadly dragon-like Fraugy. Bonus points to Quicksilva for its 30-name, saveable high score and monochrome option. The graphics aren't brilliant, and the theme isn't novel, but it's addictive and none too easy.

Bryan Skinner

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