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By Melbourne House
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #083


I thought climbing the social ladder would be a piece of cake - but after playing Hampstead I've had second thoughts.

Because you've got to climb up, you naturally have to start at rock bottom. So here I am sitting in the lounge of a smelly council flat in North West London, watching '3-2'1.

To move in a direction, it's a single letter command, so I went East. There I hit the kitchen where there's a pile of dirty plates and take away cartons. Being a house-proud person I decide to WASH PLATES (as I thought that this was the kind of thing you've have to do to attain Hampstead). The response I got was: "You can't do that."

Anyway, I go further East, and there's a backyard with a locked shed and a closed gate. After several attempts I get the gate open and go down a narrow street towards the dole office to get my money.

In the distance is the sign post to Hampstead. But alas, I've forgotten to get dressed and get nabbed for indecent exposure. Then I'm told I'll never attain Hampstead with a criminal record.

Next time round I explore more of the flat where I come across live fungi on the bedroom walls and the remains of last night's vindaloo and chips in the bathroom. I can't imagine why this distasteful description should add to the game - it just made me feel sick.

In the bedroom I find a tracksuit and work my way back to the gate, to once again tread the short and narrow path to Hampstead. But my luck ran out when I got mugged by a gang of thugs. Oh, well, Hampstead was just never meant for me.

This is quite a good game in terms of a challenge. There's no graphics to add to the text - on second thoughts, I don't think I'd like to see the remains of chicken vindaloo. But the documentation is well done, setting the scene and giving a few hints.

Sandra Grandison

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