Personal Computer News

American Football

Author: Bryan Skinner
Publisher: Softstone
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #086


American Football is quite in vogue, and this version of the game from Softstone isn't half bad. It's very like Football Manager, and almost as good.

You can select from five levels of play. The lowest is novice, through group level of the team, coach, and finally the team itself. And don't they have great names - The Huston Oilers are my favourites, with the LA Rams a close second.

There are many options in the game, checking the team's statistics, changing players' names and so on. Sooner or later you'll want to play a match, and it's here that games like this come into their own. The view is from the side and slightly above the pitch. On a green backdrop, the yard lines marked out in white, the players get to work. The figures are small and a bit stick-like, but move quite well across the pitch. All the action's here as you pray for your team to make touchdown.

American Football

The aim of the game is to coach your chosen team to the Superbowl - the peak of the game, like the FA cup. That could take you some time and careful strategy is needed to keep your team ahead of the competition.

You don't need to have any knowledge of the game because all the action's automatic though it would have been an improvement to have information about the game's rules, as well as some background - the only instructions on the inlay cover loading the game.

I'm not partial to this type of game, where all the choices are menu selection, or name and price entry, but if that's your bag then you should check this game out. You might even win a sovereign should you come across a hidden message.

Bryan Skinner

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