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All Or Nothing
By Abbex Electronics
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #086


All Or Nothing looks promising from the cassette cover, but playing it - well, that's another story.

You're an enemy spy whose mission is to obtain the plans of a secret matter transporter, held somewhere on your competitor's industrial site. As you approach the landing patch on the site by parachute, your watch loosens and falls to the ground.

Your first task is to find the watch before you can continue your mission. To control your SAS-type character you can use the keyboard, define your own keys or use a joystick.

The instructions are pretty lengthy and you'll need about 1Mb of brainpower to remember what key does what and how to play the game. You've got to digest a number of screens of text before you can get stuck in - a demo game gives a few tips.

Playing the game proved to be a killer. On starting, out of the sky drops the hero hanging from a parachute. It's the next bit that gets difficult. Controlling him to go in the direction I wanted to took a lot of practice.

To the patter of running feet off he goes to find the key that gives access to the secret documents. It took several attempts to find the key before my man was either shot, bitten by snarling dogs or caught. Quite often he was running aimlessly avoiding his pursuers.

The idea of this game is pretty good and the 3D graphics are an added bonus. You can also use a Currah Speech add-on, although the sound is poor.

I found this strategy/adventure game a bit hard to play and it wasn't long before I got bored.

Sandra Grandison

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