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Afghan Attack
By Southern
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #100


After the controversy over Raid Over Moscow, I felt similar reservations when loading up Afghan Attack, a two-part Quilled adventure about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

The scenario is trouble on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border; you're the Commanding Officer for 50 British paratroopers and five officers sent in to sort it out. Reach the end of part one and you'll get a code number allowing you to start part two. An initial program loads the instructions, forgetting to tell you to stop your tape recorder, which is typical of the program's slack approach.

You begin by descending in a Lynx helicopter, to be greeted by your men who are already present and who, you are told, salute you and depart. Try to go west and you get the confusing response that the men refuse to proceed, and the computer doesn't blame them. But didn't they just leave? The flippant approach to the subject shows if you try to move in a direction for which there's no exit: "Ooch!! Sorry! Wrong direction".

If you're going to write an adventure, do it properly.

Mike Gerrard

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