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Sir Lancelot
By Melbourne House
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Personal Computer News #087


Sir Lancelot could well have been called Son of Manic Miner, because the two are astonishingly similar in many ways. Sir Lancelot must collect all the valuable items contained in a room in the castle, to enable him to move on to the next of a series of 24 rooms.

To Sir Lancelot's despair, vicious pac-men, preying birds, and adversary knights plague the screen. The moment our brave knight makes the slightest contact with any of them, he is instantly interred. Then an illustration of a grave appears with the letters RIP written on a headstone, and poor Sir Lancelot's soul rises to heaven. But our knight, not content with the situation, continues to try and defeat his enemies until all four lives have been used. The number of lives left is displayed at the bottom of the screen as knights marching to and fro.

You start in one of the colourful rooms in the castle. Once you press the correct keys, you will start running here and there, up and down stairs and escalators. While our knight is frantically collecting the items, time is rapidly running out. This is displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

A bright flashing box with the word "out", indicates that you have finally collected everything. Jumping into the box moves you onto the next phase. Every time you clear a sheet, it gets harder. The more time you have left on completing the sheet, the higher your score will be.

Sir Lancelot is a fast and exciting arcade game. The graphics are basic, but even so the figures are effective.

Mike GerrardKaren Isaac