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Haunted Hedges
By Micromega
Spectrum 16K

Published in Personal Computer News #039

Ghosts In 3D

It did seem that every possible variation on Pac-Man short of Pac-Man on Ice had been tried, but here comes a new one - a 3D version.


In this you're collecting gold coins which are scattered around a more limited version of the famous maze, all the while being pursued by four ghosts. You can pick up one of the ice-picks lying about and become the pursuer... until the ice-picks melts, that is. From time to time assorted treasures will appear, and if you can get these before they go again you earn extra points.

In Play

The opening menu offers you several options: pressing I will get you the instructions; S will start the game; E will exit the game; H will hold a game, freezing the frame; pressing keys 1-5 will select the appropriate ghostly intelligence level, from moronic to Mensa; and K will enable you to choose which four keys you would like to use to control the movements.

What 3D means in effect is that instead of looking straight down onto the maze your viewpoint has been shifted slightly to one side to give the impression of depth, as if the characters were indeed running round a maze of hedges.

This 3D feeling is certainly effective, but although the graphics are impressive in this respect they're not quite matched by the movement of the man.

He does dart about quickly enough though, and he will continue to run in a particular direction until you press another key, meaning that you can pre-program him to turn the next corner. If you're nippy enough with your three lives and can score 10,000 points you gain an extra life. There's a high-score record at the top of the screen, and each time you complete a screen you get a new one with more gold coins on it, as well as a general increase in speed, of course.

The game is definitely quick enough to be challenging, and four super-intelligent ghosts hurtling round proved too much for me. There's no sound apart from a sprinkling of plinks.


If you have a version of Pac-Man it's hardly worth getting another, but if you're hankering after one and don't insist on a carbon copy... well, 3D or not 3D, that is the question. My answer would be yes.

Mike Gerrard

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