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By Severn
Oric 48K/Atmos

Published in Personal Computer News #102


This sideways scrolling game starts with various menu options: skill level, sound level, show hi-score table, clear hi-score table.

The first screen has you in control of the chopper of the title. You can move up or down against the left-scrolling background and of course you can fire. Enemy helicopters and the odd plan fly toward you, firing missiles.

Points are gained for each of your hits but you don't have to clear all enemy craft before moving on to the next screen.

This involves dodging enemy balloons, blimps and flocks of wild geese. The enemy doesn't shoot at you but then you can't shoot at them either.

Screen three sees you arrive at the enemy base. Here you have to blast the controls at the end of the ventilator shafts. If successful, a hole appears in the barrier, through which you have to fire to completely annihilate the base. However, the shafts are guarded by indestructible helicopters, which makes the task a lot harder.

Between each screen there's a refuelling screen in which you must guide your chopper's refuelling pipe to a dangling hose. Once all three screens have been mastered, they're repeated with faster action.

Chopper's graphics and use of colour are superb - and sound is used to good effect. The second screen might get tiresome after a few plays, but overall this is a good shoot-'em-up.

Bryan SkinnerB. A. Briscombe

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