Personal Computer News

Yumping Yosser

Author: Bryan Skinner
Publisher: Knight
Machine: Dragon 32

Published in Personal Computer News #085


This game is unusual because it was written using the Sprite Magic program. Knight Software has found a way to produce a run-time system for Sprite Magic programs - let's hope the company makes this widely available.

Yumping Yosser is basically a levels or platforms game, but the graphics show what can be achieved with the Dragon and are up to the highest standards.

The aim is to get Yosser from the bottom right of each screen to the top left, where he collects a key to give him access to the next screen.

Yumping Yosser

There are 15 levels, with names like Glen's Garret, Nellie's Room, Longleg's Lair and the like. Marie's Maison is my favourite - the beasts which inhabit it are pulsating angry faces.

But each screen is very much like the last - green background, half a dozen levels or platforms, patrolled left and right by monsters. 'All' you have to do is jump from platform to platform, avoiding the monsters and accidents.

Each screen is certainly more difficult than previous ones but since you can't shoot the monsters, it boils down to a game of patience while you try different approaches.

The generate impression is one of competence, but it's a pity that a more original and exciting theme wasn't chosen.

Bryan Skinner

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