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Zim Sala Bim
By Melbourne House
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #083


If you've always wanted to star in one of those turkish delight advertisements but have never been asked, here's the game for you as the sole survivor of the Sultan's vicious raid on the village of Zim Sala Bim. There's no money left and there's no food, so it's been left up to you to break into the Sultan's palace and recover the gold he pillaged. After that you have to find the secret cave and give the gold back to the village elders. What could be easier? You've only got to get across the burning desert to the palace walls, break in and grab the loot.

But with marauding nomads intent on robbing you and leaving you for the vultures, there's also the problem of running out of water. Believe me, there are no Perrier bottles out there.

So you've reached the palace walls and carefully avoided the guards only to be faced with the pitiful sight of a poor beggar slap bang next to the food stall. If like me you're chivalrous, you'll try to get food for him - but beware Islamic law. Even when you get inside the palace you are nowhere near safe and dry. One little slip up and there you are - slung in a damp, dark dungeon, life slipping away and nostrils assailed by the smell of rotting food. If there's a way out of here, I couldn't find it.

The graphics on this game are amazing. Wherever you travel on this scrolling screen, you can see your immediate surroundings in full colour. All the objects you have to collect are there to see and the obstacles are only too obvious. And all accompanied by the most atmospheric Eastern music.

Sandra GrandisonKeith Mason