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By Supersoft
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #095


It's fairly safe to say that this game is original - I'm sure I'd have remembered if I'd seen another set in a public convenience in Cleethorpes; well, not actually in the convenience (It's not that original!), but the action takes place in and around this loo with a view halfway along Cleethorpes Pier.

In fact it's not a loo at all, could our human eyes but tell, it's the flag-ship Argon of the Xenon battle fleet; but the men and dogs of Cleethorpes insist on treating it as a convenience and so are using up the ship's vital battle plans in a most undignified manner.

The crafts that you control are much more conventional in design, move about at the touch of joystick or keyboard, and can rapid-fire in eight directions - even with a keyboard control, thought that's rather more tricky. The loo is, naturally enough, at the bottom-centre of the screen, and men and beasts walk towards it from either side. You fly round above and must pop them off before they go about their business, otherwise each time one of them reaches the loo the paper-counter at bottom right of the screen starts counting down.

Once they're inside there's nothing you can do, though you can still shoot them when they emerge again. You have to shoot the dogs, of course, as the counter ticks away like mad when they're running off with the paper, but the drawback to this is that the local RSPCA helicopter descends and starts firing at you. You've also got to watch out for low-flying aircraft and clouds - not to mention the choppers, of course. You also have four smart-bombs to aid you.

Kamikaze is a graphic delight, such as the way the dogs must jump up to reach the catch of the loo door, and the way the bodies topple over and splash into the sea beneath.

Mike Gerrard

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